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Creatrix® Transformologist® Course June 2019 (Netherlands)

June 24 @ 8:00 am - June 29 @ 5:00 pm

Woerdense Verlaat



Get Certified in Just 6 Days as a Creatrix® Transformologist®!

When you become a Creatrix® Transformologist®, you are given the world’s most advanced tool for female personal development on the planet! ASIDE from this certification, which is incredible value for the course fee, we’ve thrown in THOUSANDS of dollars worth of inclusions and bonuses to give you ULTIMATE value in our complete course package.

What makes our training and modalities DIFFERENT from any others out there? We consider the FEMALE-FACTOR that makes us women unique, and we’ve developed tools that fit us us perfectly and just work.

Hint: If your coaching formula strongly promotes ‘consistency’ or ‘goal setting’ to reach success, you are conditioned into a male brained system, and that will work for only 1 in 5 women and the rest will walk away feeling like failures, adding to the current epidemic of suppressive type issues women have around worthiness and not being good enough.

Imagine a full Tony Robbins firewalk event BUT without the travel expenses, in your own home, over with in only hours, painless, and tailor made for our female-type ‘issues’ with even BETTER RESULTS… THAT is Creatrix®.

We are so sure of our amazing FAST-acting, female-formulated breakthrough process, that when you become a facilitator we show you how YOU can offer outcome based results with a money-back guarantee. We live in an era where people want outcome guarantees and you can offer that with Creatrix®. This is THE solution for your female clients if you are serious about releasing their blocks and hurts for good.

This course will allow you to:

  • Have more FEMALE clients who can’t help raving about you to everyone they meet because of the painless, thorough, fast and long term result they themselves experience FIRST HAND, which is the secret to a rock solid $PROFITABLE business.
  • Deliver the most advanced FEMALE-only Breakthrough Technique on the planet (CREATRIX®) to your clients, resulting in LONGTERM, SWIFT results that women have been desperately needing but have been led to believe is impossible. You can do this one-on-one via Skype or phone anywhere in the world, or in person.
  • Learn from a woman who has achieved millionaire status through owning and running 3 successful businesses as well as pioneering the launch of her own innovation (Creatrix®) as well as being the founder of Institute of Women International. Those 20 years experience are priceless to a start up.
  • Be able to earn $hundreds/hour by taking on clients who are READY to PAY YOU and do what it takes, because they are pro-active about changing for the better and will do whatever it takes (we’ll even teach you to screen and test for secondary gain so you CAN guarantee your results)
  • Become one of a select and exclusive group of licensed CREATRIX® Facilitators in the world with this one of a kind exclusive GROUND-BREAKING female breakthrough technique.
  • Train exclusively with ONLY 11 OTHER STUDENTS so you get the full attention and experience with 4 hands on training days out of the 6. That’s more ‘actual’ hours in the field than a three and a half year psychology student gets.
  • Be trained in a comfortable, safe environment unlike most courses, where we are together in an intimate retreat/penthouse environment. We take our course ‘experience’ seriously and KNOW what women want to be a part of so they really learn, feel like they belong and feel respected and confident.
  • Pre-packaged workshops (run up to a series of 12), informative, transformational and educational events  on just about any personal development topic, but nail it for female audiences because of your unique ‘female formulated’ solutions and tools, content and processes. Teach how the female factor effects all areas of women’s lives along with the men and children they love.  Also teach women HOW to take control of their life, release blockages and reset themselves back to cool, calm, collected and confident so they can make better life choices.
  • Break negative Intergenerational cycles through empowering women in a way that positively impacts those around her.
  • Pre-prepared templates, scripts, checklists, charts and assessment tools all done for you and ready to go and action. We’ve done the work  FOR YOU so you can focus on doing what you love and start immediately!
  • Future pace your clients so they stay ‘cleaned out’ with ‘after’ Creatrix® workshops.
  • Learn how to pre-assess and screen clients to be able to offer a RESULTS-BASED money back guarantee.
  • Learn to use the most innovative and revolutionary scientifically based tools on the planet today.
  • Enhance the results of your other great skills and processes if you are already a coach or therapist, causing happy contented clients more quickly.
  • BONUS – You get the entire breakthrough experience before going out and helping others, so you will be internally set up for success without your own blocks around money, success and being an amazing facilitator.
  • EXTRA BONUS – You get FREE Creatrix® Sessions as long as you remain currently licensed all year round.
  • EXTRA EXTRA BONUS – You get GROUP MENTORING as long as you remain currently licensed all year round.
  • EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA BONUS (best of all!) – You get an INCREDIBLE 16 Week Bonus Online Course by Maz Schirmer featuring THOUSANDS of dollars worth of bonus business implementation training so you can set your business up for SUCCESS!

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June 24 @ 8:00 am
June 29 @ 5:00 pm


Institute of Women International™


Woerdense Verlaat
Woerdense Verlaat, Netherlands + Google Map
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